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EFID published a call for proposals under the Capacity Strengthening Fund in 2015

The ring fenced Capacity Strengthening Fund provides support to local initiatives that are implementing good practice. The two generations of the EFID awardees and special nominees have been invited to propose new initiatives to deepen their work in the communities, through joint projects and go-and-see visits. 6 initiatives have been selected and are expected to create synergies among EFID awardees and other organisations, disseminate good practice and strengthen the network of practitioners engaged in Dementia Friendly Communities (DFCs):

  • “Learning Together”, EDUCATE and YoungDementiaUK (joint project)
  • “Out and About with Dementia: Creating Dementia-Friendly Community, Leisure, Tourism and Family Activities in the Pellice Valley, Italy and the city of Kortrijk, Belgium”, Rifugio Re  Carlo Alberto and OCMW Kortrijk (joint project)
  • “Dementia friends in action”, Ske Simplegmatos Kouri Ksilourikou, LCEducational, Astarti NGO (joint project)
  • “Living at home in a DFC”, City of Arnsberg, Fachstelle Zukunft Alter (go-and-see visit)
  • “Sharing European realities to mobilise change: developing Alzheimer’s strategy, support and care services in Italy and Bulgaria”, Compassion Alzheimer Bulgaria (go-and-see visit)
  • “Promote the development of varied actions towards dementia-friendly Rennes” Bistrot Mémoire Rennes (go-and-see visit)

For more information download the leaflet EFID CSF initiatives or contact EFID Secretariat.