International Development

NEF’s broadest field of action is international development, encompassing a variety of pooled funds.

Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium

Since 2014, a group of over 100 organisations from all parts of the world have been working together within an informal arrangement, the Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC). The Consortium emerged out of the need, in the current context of growing privatisation in education, to strengthen joint and international collaboration in order to respond to challenges that may arise from the rapid growth of private actors in education and to raise the profile of the issue as a human rights concern.

The aim of PEHRC is to increase the collective impact of the work of our organisations through strategic coordination of advocacy activities, to better enable civil society organisations to effectively monitor and, where necessary, address the impact of the growing privatisation in education around the world, and to reorient attention to the support and improvement of quality, accountable, public education systems to deliver on the right to education.

The Consortium provides practical support to joint work and strengthen collaboration over the short and mid-term.

Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund

The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund (CVECF) is a pooled funding initiative aimed at supporting rigorous evaluations of violence prevention and child protection interventions in low- and middle-income countries. CVECF is currently chaired by the Oak foundation and hosted by NEF.

Joint Action for Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa

The Joint Action for Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa (JAFOWA) was launched through NEF in 2015 and is currently chaired by Fondation de France. JAFOWA has released its first call for proposals and will now support eight farmers organisations through grant making, partnering and capacity development.

The initiative envisions and supports a dynamic and equitable farmer movement in West Africa that enables organisations of smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishers to create and manage quality local food systems that benefit families and communities in their region in ecologically sustainable ways. The movement advances local and regional policies promoting ecological solutions, and enables the leadership of women, local communities and youth. The initial focus is on Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal.


The Global Fund for Community Foundations

The Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) is a grassroots grantmaker working to promote and support institutions of community philanthropy around the world. The GFCF works with individual community foundations and other local grantmakers and their networks around the world, with a particular focus on the global south and the emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Through small grants, technical support and networking, the GFCF helps these local institutions to strengthen and grow so that they can fulfil their potential as vehicles for local development.

NEF provides Human Resources assistance to the GFCF.


Ariadne is a European peer-to-peer network of more than 600 funders and philanthropists who support social change and human rights. Ariadne helps those using private resources for public good achieve more together than they can alone by linking them to other funders and providing practical tools of support.

Ariadne organises free or subsidised master-classes, workshops and grant skills days across Europe and hold regular tele-briefings on emerging issues. It offers funders access to a secure online portal which includes a searchable online library of human rights, social change and grant skills resources, and publish a monthly digest, the Ariadne’s Thread, which carries details of research, policy changes and new reports of interest to social change and human rights funders. Ariadne annual Policy Briefing brings together funders and philanthropists to discuss the emerging trends that are affecting funding for human rights and social change in Europe. Furthermore, Ariadne publishes an annual community-created resource, the Ariadne Forecast, which aims to help funders see the big picture and discover new trends, both in issues and grant-making practice, so that they can plan ahead.

NEF provides Human Resources assistance to Ariadne.

Alliance Magazine

Alliance is the leading magazine for philanthropy and social investment worldwide. It provides news and analysis of what is happening in these sectors, a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners, as well as news and conference reports, letters, articles, book reviews and opinion columns. NEF has supported the organisation financially since 2006. One of the objectives of supporting Alliance is to mainstream and raise the profile of European philanthropy.