Our Structure

NEF is a joint-initiative of a limited core number of foundations (currently 11). However we are not a membership-based organisation; conversely all NEF pooled funds/projects are open to other foundations. Annually, we work with over 60 foundations and various strategic partners.

We define our mission as follows: ‘European solidarity through philanthropy for Social Inclusion, Democracy and International Development’.

We are specifically dedicated to managing operational collaborations between foundations.

NEF’s main body is the General Assembly  that approves the new pooled fund/project that NEF will coordinate, it keeps an oversight on the NEF portfolio of pooled funds/projects.

The NEF General Assembly also makes constitutional decisions for the association, approves the accounts and elects the Board of Directors.

The smooth running of the organisation is entrusted to the NEF Secretariat team under the overall supervision of the Board of Directors.  At a project level, strategic decisions are taken by each Steering Committee which represents the pool of foundations working on a specific pooled fund or project.

Read the NEF Guiding Principles to know the procedure whereby new member foundations can join NEF.

NEF has offices in Brussels, Tunis and Belgrade.

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Network of European Foundations (NEF) work closely together: while the EFC acts as a meeting place for European funders, NEF acts as a catalyst to initiate and develop pooled funds.