Religion and Democracy

Religion and Democracy in Europe

The reports of the series Religion and Democracy in Europe, drafted by acknowledged experts in different fields, map existing practices and different approaches to specific issues of concern and are designed to interest policy makers, practitioners and civil society.

Dossiers 2010

Health cover

Report on Religion and Healthcare in the European Union, by Dimitrina Petrova

Report on Teaching about Religions in European School Systems, by Luce Pépin (English and original French Version)

Report on Conflicts over Mosques in Europe, by Stefano Allievi

Report on Religion and Prejudice in Europe, New Empirical Findings, by Beate Küpper & Andreas Zick

Books 2009

Religion and Democracy in Contemporary Europe, edited by Gabriel Motzkin and Yochi Fischer.

Mosques in Europe – Why a solution has become a problem, edited by Stefano Allievi