How we work

Our approach:


Supporting partnership building…

Through the set-up of a pooled fund at NEF, foundations partners agree on common goals but also on ways of working together

  • NEF identifies and provides structure to the right coordination staff/secretariat of the pooled fund
  • NEF functions as a neutral platform where all partners come together on equal footing, as per the governance framework
  • NEF can also provide input into the strategy development and offer its programme management expertise (on calls for proposals, monitoring and evaluation, capacity development of grantees…)
  • NEF handles admin and operations (NEF unfolds the due diligence for the grants and organises common reporting schemes)


… Aiming at strengthening a field

  • NEF pooled funds target small and/or active organisations in the civil society sector (with potential links to underprivileged communities)
  • NEF aims at strengthening the capacity of its partners’ organisations by offering tailored support and by fostering exchanges/convenings with their peers
  • NEF believes in the ‘learning by doing’ approach and allows this flexibility for its partners and itself
  • NEF pooled fund’s design draws from a holistic approach, looking at different intersections within a field and seeking to promote synergies/learnings within its projects but also across its pooled funds.


NEF collaboratives are open to foundations interested in partnering around complex societal issues. On average NEF budget is of 10 million euros pooled through a tens of pooled fund where more than 60 foundations collaborate.
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