Unitus Europe

The European Philanthropy and Social Investing Impact Hub

Your gateway to effectively support society’s survival and revival in times of COVID-19

a joint initiative of DAFNE, EFC, EVPA, GSG and NEF

The current COVID-19 emergency has clearly surfaced and is dramatically intensifying the systemic gaps in our societies. Philanthropy and social investing across Europe have been quick to respond to the outbreak of the pandemic, expressing solidarity with social purpose organisations and beneficiaries by offering flexibility in their current arrangements.  They have also pooled emergency funds in order to respond to the crisis as it unfolds, while simultaneously taking a longer-term view in bespoke areas from health, to the environment, to social well-being, to human rights, to upholding democratic values, and much more.

European philanthropy and social investing networks have come together in an informal alliance to ensure that the diverse work they are undertaking is both efficient and achieves the best possible impact for all its beneficiaries. We aim to support and to give guidance to suppliers of funding, such as foundations, social investors and public funders, throughout the survival (6 months) and the revival (18 months) phases related to the COVID-19 crisis, with a focus on trans-national and cross-border activities in Europe, and beyond. Throughout this journey, recognising resilience will be critical and we seek to nurture it and remove any obstacles that are blocking it.

The aim of the “Unitus Europe” hub is to become a valuable space for sharing information, resources, and good practices to inspire other actors, gaining new insights through peer-learning and identifying opportunities on the demand and supply side.

This is the opportunity to ensure a collaborative and cohesive response to the crisis, by giving easy access to valuable information resources across Europe and beyond and launching joint initiatives.