NEF is the Network of European Foundations


We are an operational platform that seeks to develop joint initiatives between foundations and other actors.
We support projects in several fields – social inclusion, democracy and international development – in Europe and in the world.
Our motto is ‘Partnering for Impact’.


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8th March 2016 Lesvos EPIM – Steering Committee Site Visits 9th March 2016 Athens EPIM – Steering Committee Meeting   10th March 2016 Athens EPIM – Opening Event for EPIM IV  11th March 2016 Athens EPIM ...

Our network

  Our Network runs or hosts different initiatives/funds and each initiative is supported by a consortium of foundations and partners

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JAFOWA is Seeking Two Consultants

The Joint Action for Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa JAFOWA, a new initiative hosted by NEF,  will support farmer’s organisations in the region to help reforms ...

JAFOWA has entered the NEF portfolio

Joint Action for Farmer Organisations in West Africa (JAFOWA) is a platform to support a dynamic and equitable farmers movement in West Africa.  

EPEX (European Practice Exchange on Deradicalisation)

NEF supports the EPEX project on counter radicalisation. EPEX  aims at establishing a network of European practitioners of 12-15 different organisations dealing with the challenges ...