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Last week in Brussels, we held our NEF All- Collaboratives Day, where NEF board members, collaborative chairpersons and NEF staff could meet and exchange, after three years without meeting in person. The meeting was the opportunity to (re) connect and to explore how NEF - and funder collaboratives in general - add value and enable partners to be more strategic in the European philanthropic landscape.

Along the same line and drawing from the last three years, we release our triennial review 2019-2021 where you will read about the main developments and trends impacting our funder collaboratives. You will read also about our growth, which testifies to the sector’s increased appetite for partnering.

In light of the war in Ukraine, two of our funder collaborative projects are in the frontline to channel foundations’ coordinated efforts in the areas of democracy/media support with Civitates and of migration with EPIM. EPIM and Civitates’ responses are oriented towards the medium term, seeking to react to the needs that emerge from the field, in line with their mission. Both collaboratives can channel additional funds drawing from their experience and the infrastructure in place. Internally we are gearing up to ensure we are ready for facilitating NEF’s response to the Ukrainian crisis at large.

As usual feedback is welcome!

Peggy Saïller

NEF Executive Director

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