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With Covid-19, our network is undergoing several changes and adapting to the current issues. One of our challenges has been the renewal of our teams, stemming both from the growth of our collaboratives and other colleagues growing professionally and sailing away to new directions.

In the last year we welcomed 4 new team members and we will be joined by 2 more this summer. That is substantial for a small team of 13!

We are grateful for the work of the colleagues that have contributed greatly to raise the profile of the secretariat and appreciate the stamina of those who have joined us. Our leadership is also under renewal. We are happy to count on new insights, while also paying tribute to those who are about to retire. Our Board Members have forged and promoted collaboration among European foundations, convinced of the importance and value of European solidarity.

We are also happy to announce a newly born collaborative- the Alliance for Gender Equity in Europe. You will read more about it below. We believe that the momentum is here to achieve progress on Gender Equity across Europe.

In the autumn we hope that European travel will resume, that we will be able to hold offline meetings and see each other again. This will surely make a difference in our work.

As always, your feedback welcome!

Peggy Saïller

NEF Executive Director

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