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Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe

In the past months, the Alliance prepared a new call for proposals to be launched in January 2023. It aims at driving impactful and sustainable community-driven solutions that promote economic opportunities for marginalised women in Europe. For this second call, the Alliance will be able to distribute 3.5 million euros in grants and provide needs-based support for organisational development to small and medium size frontline organisations across the European Union and the United Kingdom.   
Stay tuned on the Alliance website and LinkedIn to receive more information regarding this call for proposals.


In March 2022, as part of its response to the war in Ukraine and the resulting displacement in Europe, EPIM raised €4.3 million and has supported over 30 organisations with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Read Programme Director Milica Petrovic’s recent articleResponding to Displacement from Ukraine: Reflections on Funding in an Emergency to learn more.

European AI and Society Fund

The European AI Fund has announced its 14 new grantees in November 2022. Over the next two years, the new cohort will work on policy and advocacy around AI, joining the already supported. As AI effects every aspect of society, the Fund is investing in organisations with expertise on various issues and a wide range of skills in algorithmic auditing, strategic litigation and investigative journalism. Together, the cohort will shape AI, so that it better serves people and society, respects human rights and promotes fair, inclusive and sustainable democracies. The European AI Fund also shared learnings and reflections on the Open Call 2022 process that might be of use to other funders and future applicants.


The programme has produced a video presenting its activities and highlighting its partnership dynamics. JAFOWA is finalising its preparatory work in the run up of a new call for proposals in early 2023 to gear up Farmer Organisations (FOs) in their agroecological transition. While the first 3 years of support have shown interesting results, the agroecological transition requires time and FOs need to continue organising themselves by structuring the organic inputs chain and achieving better positioning of the bio products on the markets. Working on the economic dimension of the agroecological transition is certainly one of the main challenges ahead.

The Evaluation Fund

The Evaluation Fund: Reducing Violence Against Children was founded in recognition that violence prevention interventions should be evidence-based, culturally relevant and contextually appropriate. The final reportPreventing violence against children: Building the evidence of what works. A snapshot of the Evaluation Fund’s 22 supported studies in low- and middle-income countries highlights the evidence generated over the last decade on what works to prevent violence against children.

European Fund for the Balkans

The EFB has started a new research and advocacy project on the "Geopolitics of the Green Energy Transition in the Western Balkans" to explore the connection between the slow pace of the green energy transition in the Western Balkans and the region's energy insecurity as well as its dependence on imported and domestically produced fossil fuels. The analysis of the landscape and of the public opinions will be released in the spring 2023.

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